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10 years MuMo



120 artists / 26 exhibitions
30 international collaborations
65 000 visitors

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White Gallery, Osik, Litomysl

Petr Dejmek, Bedřich Dlouhý, Ludmila Jandová, Olga Karlíková, Miroslav Koval, Anežka Kovalová, Kryštof Krejča, Jakub Nepraš, Daniel Pešta, Anke Röhrscheid, Paulina Skavová, Richard Štipl, Kai Teichert, Rosemarie Trockel, Anna Zemánková

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Legenda in Memoriam

Belle Shafir & Cornelia Renz

MuMo Praha

The project Legenda in Memoriam is the joint project of two curators, Hagai Segev from Israel and Dadja Altenburg-Kohl.  Memories form the basis of the artistic thinking and perception of both the exhibited artists:  Cornelie Renz and Belle Shafir.  Through these the artists immerse themselves into personal recollections and uncover the deepest aspects of past life in two separate cultures.  

Museum Montanelli, projects and exhibitions, summer 2019:

Personal Structures, Daniel Pešta, Palazzo Mora, Venice Biennale 2019

Prolínání (Permeation), White Gallery, Osík u Litomyšle

ExCitace, Daniel Pešta, Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross, Litomyšl

The Museum Montanelli will reopen on September 17, 2019

Interview: Dadja Altenburg-Kohl

Elle Decoration

“I don’t want to just store art in a depositary where nobody will see it. Personal relationships with artists mean more to me – talking about art and sharing and creating thematic projects.”

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The Book National Theatre Foyer

The book presents the works of art that are to be found in the historical building of the National Theatre in Prague. In it you will find chapters dedicated to the history and restoration of the pictures hanging on the walls of the foyer of the theatre. The book contains a rich array of photographs and comes complete with a DVD containing conversations with the personalities involved in the restoration of the foyer.

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