Between Asceticism and Ecstasy

Pavel Roučka


Pavel Roučka’s exhibition at the Museum Montanelli presents the established but constantly experimental work of a painter in his prime. 

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– Vladimír Novák


MuMo Praha

Vladimír Novák  first emerged on the Czech art scene in the 1970s with emphatic and expressive paintings that represented a return to the figure. The exhibition at the Museum Montanelli aims to be a dialogue between Novák’s most recent and his oldest work.

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For the past several months, we have been busily working on an interesting book about the artworks in the National Theatre in Prague, with a special focus on the history and restoration of the murals in the Theatre Foyer. The book was conceived by the Museum Montanelli’s director, Dadja Altenburg-Kohl, who also wrote the introductory text. You can find the book in our bookshop starting on 31 January 2017.

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