Rules for visiting Museum Montanelli


I. General provisions

The designated areas of Museum Montanelli (hereinafter referred to only as MuMo) are understood to be the delimited space designated for individual as well as collective public viewing of presented collections in the form of displays, exhibitions or complementary cultural events and programmes.   

The opening times of this space is time-bound to the opening hours stated at the museum entrance and on the web pages.  Opening times may be subject to change under certain conditions due to the requirements of the museum.   Visitors are always informed of these changes beforehand either upon entering the museum, in the museum‘s reception and on its web pages.  

Ticket sales commence at the same time as the opening of the visitor area and  they generally end 30 minutes before the end of the opening hours.  

Visitors are notified as to the ending of the opening hours by employees of the museum 10 minutes prior to the end of the opening hours.  After this announcement visitors must leave the area of the museum by the end of the visiting hours.  

The entrance fee to the the displays, exhibitions and to other events is determined on an individual case-by-case basis.  This is displayed in the museum’s reception and on MuMo‘s web site ( and is in line with the entrance fees shown on the tickets on sale.  

Visitors are required to retain the ticket throughout the duration of their visit and to produce it on request. 

Children under the age of 15 years are allowed to enter the museum only if accompanied by adults who are responsible for the compliance of their behaviour with the requirements of the Rules for Visiting MuMo. 


II. Protection of cultural monuments and security of collections

Visitors are required to maintain the utmost caution when examining items on display and in exhibitions.  Only furnishings and exhibits that are expressly identified for this purpose may be touched.  

MuMo accepts no responsibility for items left on its premises.  

Photographs of exhibits may be taken but are permitted for personal use only, and may be taken without any resort to the use of an external flash or tripod.  MuMo reserves the right to prohibit the taking of photographs at designated exhibitions.  The ban on photography at these exhibitions is displayed in a visible place before the entrance to the exbibition.   

It is forbidden to take dogs or other animals into the museum with the exception of guide dogs accompanying disabled persons.  

Drinking and eating within the visitors‘ area is forbidden except where it is expressly designated to do so.     

Lying down or leaning against the walls in the museum premises is forbidden.  


III.  Fire protection and visitor safety   

Smoking and manipulating with an open fire is forbidden throughout the entire museum area. 

In the case of a visitor sustaining an injury, the injury should be reported to the reception or to a worker on duty, who will provide first aid or call medical assistance.  This person should enter the injury on the official record and hand it over to the supervisor within one day at the latest.  

Visitors may express their observations, comments, findings, experiences from the visit in the visitor’s book, which is displayed in the museum reception.  In the case of a complaint about the services provided they may, apart from the notation, contact the relevant supervisor, his/her assistant or go direct to the management of MuMo.  

Should the visitor cause a violation of these Rules for Visiting or by any other inappropriate behaviour cause damages to MuMo, proceedings will be taken against him/her.  The assistance of the Police of the Czech Republic (§ 13 Act No. 283/91 Coll.) will be requested should the visitor prove unwilling to cooperate.  The extent and amount of damages, as well as the manner of reimbursement will be determined in accordance with the relevant MuMo regulations and the laws of the Czech Republic.  

Persons reasonably suspected of drunkeness or being under the influence of drugs will be denied access to the museum premises.  


IV. Organised tours and accompanying programmes

Organised tours and accompanying programmes for school and childrens‘ groups take place under the guidance of a MuMo employee in groups with a minimum of 3 persons, including  non-paying children up to the age of 14, and with a maximum of 15 persons.  Organised tours and accompanying programmes must be booked in advance. 

The pedagogical supervisor is responsible for organised groups of children and young people both during the accompanying programme and in the case of pupils moving through the museum premises on their own.  


V. Rules for visitors to the museum’s Café

Entrance to the museum’s Café is free.  Visitors need only inform the reception staff of their visit.   

The opening hours of the museum’s Café are the same as the opening hours of the museum, unless otherwise stated.  

In the museum‘s Café a ban on alcohol consumption applies to people under the age of 18.  

CCTV camera system

MuMo premises are covered by a CCTV camera system for the purpose of a legitimate interest, i.e. to ensure the security of the building, of the exhibits on display and of the visitors and employees of MuMo.  

Visitors should take note of this fact.   


VI. Final provisions

MuMo assumes no responsibility for any injuries or damages resulting from violations of the Rules for Visiting.  

An exception to the Rules for Visiting may, in justified cases, be granted only by the management of MuMo. 

These Rules for Visiting and the Privacy Policy come into force on the day of their being signed by the management of MuMo. 



Prague,  1st May 2018.

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