Myths, faith and its symbols in art from the Museum Montanelli collection

Exhibiton open from 17. 11. 2022
till 27. 8. 2023

It will present works chosen exclusively from its own collection of both contemporary and classical art, by artists whose works are inspired by myths of all kinds. The paintings, objects and artefacts in the exhibition will thus remind us of just how important a role myth, faith and its symbols play in our lives. 
Our rational understanding of the world does not allow enough space for any explanation or tolerance of the mystery of human feelings. In a similar manner to animism, polytheism and other religions of the distant past, Christians also yearn for Christian mysticism, as do Jews for the Hassidic tradition. Many thinkers, writers, ethnologists and even psychologists (such as Jung and his disciples) have succumbed to the magic of myths with their fables, stories and insights into the human soul.

The symbolic expression of inner experiences and psychological states is only one of the features the exhibits have in common.

Through the paintings and objects, the exhibition concept should evoke a sense of deeper understanding and comprehension of the symbolism of the myths themselves, first and foremost by awakening in viewers, if only for a moment, an interest in the search for connections between antiquity and the present. To evoke in them the eternal human desire to be part of the universe, to be part of history, an indispensable personage in time and space, to be part of myth itself.

Perhaps myth helps us to believe in the eternal desire flowing down through countless human generations to know we are not living in vain, that we live forever, that life has some meaning, that the afterlife is not merely imaginary. That miracles do happen.

The times in which we are living also need myths, whose existence is probably already part of our genome. We need guardian angels.

So as it was in the past. So it will also be in the future.

The individual items and artworks are not displayed in any scientific investigation. Rather focused more on the search for visual or a psychological connections.

The exhibition includes works by important names on the Czech and international artists who are indelibly written in the history of art.


Curator: Dadja Altenburg Kohl


Artists: ANTOINETTE, Buthe Michael, Diviš Alén, Dlouhý Bedřich, Gebauer Kurt, Jakob M., Nitsch Hermann, Percossi Eugenio, Pešta Daniel, Platzer Ignác František, Plný Luboš, Renz Cornelia, Rosenbach Ulrike, Shafir Belle, Sicioldr Bianchi Alessandro, Šimotová Adriena, Štipl Richard, Teichert Kai, Vásquez de la Horra Sandra, Wiesner Adolf and other anonymous Renaissance and Baroque artists

Exhibition opening 17. 11. 2022

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