Dangerous Love

Love through the eyes of women

18/10/2023 – 18/8/2024

The exhibition DANGEROUS LOVE presents love through the eyes of women.

Artistic creativeness is not immune to burning or broken hearts, not least when it comes to female artists, sculptors or painters who have found their fixed and autonomous place in the world of art.

Love intoxicates and inspires. It uplifts and consoles; it hurts, tortures, wounds. The pain of love makes us question our own sanity, distrust comforting words, doubt our long-held principles. Breakups are hard. Even those who have been lucky enough to avoid them in their own lives will have watched that heartbreaking experience among their nearest and know the pain of shared suffering. Losing love is never easy… and even newly found love can be challenging, whatever eternal happiness our hormones may promise us. Love arrives without warning, and the bliss is blinding.

Do we want to forget love, curse it, or desire it even more than we let ourselves believe?

The DANGEROUS LOVE exhibition at Museum Montanelli presents the work of twenty-four women artists who explore their ways of dealing with this delightful disease.

Broken hearts come in many forms in the creations of these artists. And the forms of love are countless. Dominance, submission, competition, revenge, loneliness, passion… all can be found in love. Can the show encompass such a huge range of feelings and conflicting desires?

We all take a secret pleasure in voyeuristic peeping, in piquant details and intimate insights. Perhaps we pry into the hearts and souls of others in order to find ourselves, perhaps to silence our own pain and pleasure, or simply to step into someone else’s shoes. Regardless of how, how long – love always involves a good deal of pain. And if it is true that the suffering of love also reveals the darker sides of our nature, why not explore those as well?

The exhibition will include paintings, photographs, video installations, objects and artefacts mostly from the collection of the Museum Montanelli.

Curator: Dadja Altenburg Kohl

Woman artists: Adamová Kateřina, Al-Mukhtarová Karíma, Akin Özlem, Ban-Jiránková Viktoria, Bornová Erika, Degioanni Marielle, Diehl Teresa, Guilleminot Marie-Ange, Hoffmeisterová Xénia, Holcová Veronika, Kozyra Katarzyna, Landau Sigalit, Martagex Sandra, Pelosi Marilena, Renz Cornelia, Röhrscheid Anke, Sahánková Dana, Sard Amparo, Schwab Eva, Stoll a Wachall, Toyen, Trockel Rosemarie, Vásquez de la Horra Sandra, Viková Jindra

Exhibition opening 17. 10. 2023

The exhibition is held under the auspices of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Prague.

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