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65 000 visitors

I am aware that all things are in some way connected – our spiritual and material values, our culture, our health. I would like to devote my time to making my own contribution, however modest, to this complex system.
Perhaps it is a good thing that we cannot measure spiritual values in numbers, or turn them into marketable commodities. Surely we are not born into this world without a reason? Perhaps we should seek our place in the world wherever the various phases of our lives take us, and try to understand the path that led us there.

For me this means creating or participating in something that has some purpose for the society and age we live in. I would like to make use of my experience and knowledge of different cultures to bring together people from different backgrounds and walks of life, and with them create something of value – here, or in any other place.
I am and hope to remain the kind of person who tries to keep abreast of social developments and changes in our environment and is able to respond to them. Perhaps it is important not to cling to imaginary universal values, but instead to maintain a philosophical flexibility and freedom so that we can be open to new impulses in how we think, feel and relate to other people. Art gives us the opportunity to experience this freedom, to escape from reality for a while and thus gain a new perspective on our lives. It is this very activity, and the tension between our own lives on the one hand, and all forms of art – including the abstract world of science – on the other, that enables us to challenge received opinions and stereotypes.

That is why one of our aims at the DrAK Foundation has been to set up MuMo, an experimental space where we can work together with art- lovers, curators, friends and of course artists themselves.

Dr. Dadja Altenburg-Kohl
founder of the DrAK Foundation, founder of the MuMo Museum

I admire any endeavour, in these times of materialism and consumerism, to create centres that showcase the intellectual achievements of different cultures and nations. I wish the Museum Montanelli and its founder every success, and hope this new space will attract a large public.

Václav Havel
former President of the Czech Republic, patron of the MuMo Museum

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