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Eine neue Ausstellung im Montanelli-Museum ist geboren.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch ab November 2022

Introducing our new TV MuMo channel

We will take you through several years of important projects and exhibitions which we have presented in the Czech Republic. In due course you can look forward to more videos of our activities abroad and especially to the currently installed exhibition “The Professor Beneš’ Cabinet of Mysteries“ which, for the time being, remains a great secret.



Katalog Legenda in MeMoriam

Katalog aus Anlass der Ausstellung im Museum Montanelli.

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Interview: Cornelia Renz & Belle Shafir (Legenda in MeMoriam)

Video from the current exhibition – interviews with artists and curators.

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Legenda in MeMoriam

Cornelia Renz & Belle Shafir

MuMo Praha

Eines der Hauptthemen des Projekts Legenda in MeMoriam ist es zu untersuchen, wie ein kollektives oder individuelles Trauma mithilfe der Kunst verarbeitet wird.

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10 Jahre MuMo



120 Künstler / 26 Ausstellungen
30 internationale Kooperationen
65 000 Besucher

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Interview: Dadja Altenburg-Kohl

Elle Decoration

“I don’t want to just store art in a depositary where nobody will see it. Personal relationships with artists mean more to me – talking about art and sharing and creating thematic projects.”

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The Book National Theatre Foyer

The book presents the works of art that are to be found in the historical building of the National Theatre in Prague. In it you will find chapters dedicated to the history and restoration of the pictures hanging on the walls of the foyer of the theatre. The book contains a rich array of photographs and comes complete with a DVD containing conversations with the personalities involved in the restoration of the foyer.

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