Film museum in Prague?

MuMo Praha 4/6/2015 – 25/10/2015

Did you know that the movies were never silent? Or that firefighters were among the first film lovers? If no, then come and find out at the film museum! Located right in the center of Prague at the Museum Montanelli., which for half a year is transformed into a museum of the motion picture.


NaFilM Student Project: National Film Museum

The Na film! exhibition is part of the long-term student project NaFilm, which we began working on three years ago as friends and students at the Department of Film Studies at the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University in Prague.

Our aim is to establish a museum of Czech film, which would be a living centre for film experts as well as the general public – something that is currently missing in the Czech Republic. We envision the film museum mainly serving as an educational institution, which would complement the gradually developing film and media courses at schools and in an interactive manner would present national cinematography to Czech and foreign visitors.

During our search for the best way of exhibition film and its history in a museum, the NaFilM project grew to include both students from Charles University and also students from UPRUM, CTU, FAMU and DAMU. On the way to the first public presentation of the project, many people from across diverse fields and generations joined our efforts, and thanks to their help and support we have had the opportunity to work to fulfil our objectives freely and to choose our own direction for the project.

The Na film! exhibition is our “trailer”: a miniature film museum. We selected three topics from the history of Czech cinematography that we would like to present to you, visitors of the future film museum, and we would like to find out how you imagine what the film museum should look like. Your opinions regarding the concept are very important to us, as we have been working on it for several years already and which we hope to be able to develop further thanks to your feedback.

Over the course of five months, the Museum Montanelli will be transformed into lively place, where in addition to the display of exhibits there will also be film screenings, lectures, debates and film workshops. The results of research into locations where the film museum could be located in Prague together with its architectural designs will also be presented gradually, along with consideration of the implications tht could result from the establishment of a new cultural institution.

Our journey towards the establishment of the film museum will not end with this exhibit – this is just the beginning for us – and we would be very pleased if you would travel with us ton the road to a Czech film museum!


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Guided tour

18. 10. and 25. 10. 2015, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Admission 90 CZK/reduced 50 CZK, special price for workshop participants 30 CZK

Film workshop

25. 10. 2015, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

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Reportage on the exhibition Trailer NaFilM on Czech TV (January 9th, from 8:24)

The NaFilM Crew

Devoto, Filip Fikejz, Jaroslav Funda, Ondřej Funda, Kateřina Frejlachová, Jiří
Hampl, FPS Repro, Ladi Kolsky, Zdeněk Kvasnica, Kino BioOko, David Moravčík,
Neon Centrum, Magdalena Novotná, Richard Špůr, Martin Špičák, Jiří Vágner,
Truhlářství Zdar, Mirka Zvědělíková

Vojtěch Jasný a Eva Suchánková, Petr Našic, Národní technické muzeum, Terryho
ponožky, Ústav pro studium totalitních režimů, Jiří Voráč, Vojenský historický
ústav Praha

Šimon Havel, Karel Osoha, Matouš Svěrák, Martin Suchánek, Richard Špůr, UPP,
Eliška Vojtková, David Zeman

Studio Beep, Martin Blauber, Ondřej Bauer, Charlotte Fairman, Boleslav Polívka,
Bob Polo, Michaél Seaghdha, Nikola Votočková, Miloš Vávra, Valerie Zawadská

Ladislav Marek, Richard Špůr



Matouš Svěrák

Paletky, tuli, T3.1

We would like to thank Museum Montanelli for all the support, cooperation and trust they’ve given us over the course of this entire journey.

We would like to thank Film studies department, Faculty of Art and Charles University in Prague, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Czech Republic for their support and patronage in establishing the NaFilM exhibition.

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