East of Eden

Richard Stipl & Josef Zlamal

MuMo Praha 28/9/2018 – 8/6/2019

 “We still do not know where the Garden of Eden was located or, indeed, whether such place really existed. A region hemmed in by mountains, accessible only from the east, where the fires of a high volcano can be seen at night and the people worship the cult of the Sacred Tree guarded by winged creatures.”

The collaboration at the East of Eden exhibition at Museum Montanelli connects three different sections and two artists. Drawings, paintings and sculptures will intertwine in the museum’s labyrinth, giving both artists plenty of room for their individual expression as well as a joint statement. The different figures are a part of the natural world, their identity defined by emotions and relationships ranging from primordial instincts to a spiritual connection. Brimming with light and contrast, the symbolism will culminate in The Finale, a multimedia work presenting a brand-new form of artistic collaboration. A remarkable place within the exhibition will belong to a selection of curiosities and pictures from an extraordinary Czech and foreign collection.


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