Anatomia Metamorphosis

Anna Zemánková / Luboš Plný / František Dymáček

MuMo Praha 15/6/2011 – 30/9/2011

The exhibition presents works by two already world-renowned Czech authors of art brut – Anna Zemánková (1908 – 1986) and Luboš Plný (*1961) in company with those of the newly discovered artist František Dymáček (1929 – 2003). The selection of works is aimed at the reflecting of corporeality in their artistic creations and at the formal or contentual parallels connecting the works of all these three authors.

The basis of Luboš Plný‘s creative expression is formed by experiments on his own body. His anatomical self-portraits represent phased-out cross-sections of the human body or an x-ray view of the internal organs. In spite of his precision and their overall crudity, his drawings also manage to acquire an aesthetic and even a decorative aspect, which excels, in particular, in confrontation with the work of Anna Zemánková. Her paintings of bewitchingly beautiful alien inflorescence and fruitage are, on the other hand, usually seen as fanciful and pleasingly balanced. In this light, however, they reveal their wild, animal form. The automatic drawings of František Dymáček, where filled-in space is intertwined using organic ornaments, from which the faces of demons peep out, could be likened to drawings of spiritists, with which they have a lot in common.

Three catalogues in three languages (Czech-German-English) has been published for the occasion of the exhibition.

Curators: Terezie Zemánková, Ivana Brádková

Exhibition will be held as a part of the PQ+ accompanying program within the Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Performance Design 2011.

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