Vladimír Novák


MuMo Praha

Vladimír Novák (*1947) first emerged on the Czech art scene in the 1970s with emphatic and expressive paintings that represented a return to the figure.

“With his uncommon urgency and remarkable painterly execution, Vladimír Novák explores the eternal doubts and wishful expectations of man burdened by existential angst and carried along by hopes and promises. With his works, we become witness to Heraclitus’ infinite all-embracing flowing and conflict of opposites. The anxiety, fury, fragmentation and aimlessness on the paintings is balanced out (in recent times increasingly more clearly) exaltation, contemplation, rest, and discovery.”
(Radan Wagner, Revue Art, 3/2007)

The planned exhibition at the Museum Montanelli aims to be a dialogue between Novák’s most recent and his oldest work. The exhibited works will be on loan from several collections. A monograph on Vladimír Novák will be released at a launch party at the Museum Montanelli in April 2017.

Exhibition curator: Dr. Neumann

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