Catalogue Legenda in MeMoriam

The catalogue is published on the occasion of the exhibition in Museum Montanelli.

Legenda in MeMoriam
Cornelia Renz & Belle Shafir

exhibition curators, texts in the catalogue: Dadja Altenburg Kohl, Hagai Segev
production: Museum Montanelli, Petra Šmídlová

graphic design: Daniel Pešta
photographs: Jan Slavík, (Jindřich Nosek, Belle Shafir – Memory Wall Inhabited)
publisher: Nadace DrAK – Museum Montanelli, Prague, Czech Republic
format: 80 pages, paperback, size 21 x 26 cm
published: 2020
language: Czech-English-German edition
printed by: FPS Repro, Czech Republic
ISBN: 978-80-906445-3-3

  • Dangerous Love

    Love through the eyes of women


    Artistic creativeness is not immune to burning or broken hearts, not least when it comes to female artists, sculptors or painters who have found their fixed and autonomous place in the world of art.

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