... weekend, when the galleries are open!!!

26/5/2017 – 28/5/2017

The last weekend in May we be for those who are interested in the current Prague art scene and culture. A number of galleries will open its doors for public under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, MgA. Eliška Kaplický Fuchsová, Chairwoman of the Culture, Heritage, Expositions, Tourism and Foreign Relations Committee of the Prague City Assembly and Prague 2 City Councilor Ing. Jaroslav Šolc.

Prague will join other European metropolises such as Berlin, Warsaw or Madrid, where the event has been a major success for several years. In addition to the classical program, the individual galleries enrich their program with commented tours, discussions with artists and other interesting events.

The aim of Gallery Weekend Prague is to raise awareness of galleries, exhibitions and programs, to enhance the interest of collectors and to appreciate the work of Prague gallerians who, with their activities, deserve great cultural awareness and revival of social life in Prague.

Come and enjoy the Prague Gallery Weekend, enjoy the art and discover the new gallery!

  • Dangerous Love

    Liebe aus der Sicht von Frauen


    Ein künstlerischer Beruf macht nicht immun gegen brennende oder gebrochene Herzen, insbesondere bei Künstlerinnen, Bildhauerinnen und Malerinnen, die einen festen und souveränen Platz in der Welt der Kunst gefunden haben.

    /Note: We are closed on March 7/

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