About the museum

Founded in 2009 at 13 Nerudova Street in Prague 1 and operated by the DrAK Foundation, Museum Montanelli (MuMo) is one of only few private museums of fine arts in the Czech Republic.

The museum’s magnificent interior, quality presentation and strong exhibitions programme has turned MuMo into a centre of the best contemporary art. The museum has hosted a wide range of exhibition projects with an average duration of 3 months.

In addition to on-premises projects, MuMo has held many exhibitions at other places, most of them in famous museums and galleries in the Czech Republic and Germany.
The exhibitions list provides a good example of how broad the museum’s scope is. A modern and open establishment addressing both domestic and international public, MuMo has hosted exhibitions by the best Czech contemporary artists, recognised international personages, but also artists who can hardly be put in a pigeonhole, their work usually being described as outsider art for lack of a better term.

Museum Montanelli’s Goals:

  • host exhibitions of recognised Czech and international artists, including those who have not been presented to the Czech public yet
  • display the collection of the DrAK Foundation
  •  present prestigious private and institutional collections, particularly from the Czech Republic, Germany, but also other countries
  • organise exhibitions abroad
  • raise a group or regular visitors

MuMo’s focus manifested itself clearly already during the museum’s inauguration exhibition. The Opening (2009) presented the work of 21 international female artists (including for instance Maja Bajević, Rebecca Horn, Mona Hatoum, Katarzyna Kozyra, Ulrike Rosenbach, Sigalit Landau, Rosemarie Trockel or Dorothea Tanning), many of whom were affected by exile.

The majority of other projects, too, involved social and historical aspects, dealing with archetypal experience stored in the memories of many nations and individuals.
The exceptional quality of MuMo’s artistic concepts is underlined for instance by exhibitions like Maria Maria 1511/2011, which connected Albrecht Dürers prints with installations and videos of Teresa Diehl, a contemporary american artist of Lebanese origin.

Additional events:

Apart from exhibitions, MuMo organises a broad range of additional events, such as workshops for children and the youth or guided tours in Czech, English and German.

MuMo brings unique, top quality art to the centre of Prague, providing a splendid alternative to the current commercial offering of the city’s historical core.


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